Keynote Speaker

Hua, Ching-Chun

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan

Panel Speakers Lineup

1A – Commercial Real Estate Market
Room A, 13:30-15:00, September 6


Lee, Ping

Head of Research, CBRE, Taiwan


Hancock, Blue (John)

Director, Colliers Rural Valuation, New Zealand

Benitez, Marissa

Chairman/Chief Delegate,
Philippine Association of Realty Appraisers (PARA), Philippines

Tomizuka, Yuko

President, Abrils Co., Ltd., Japan

2A – Exploring the Future of Proptech
Room A, 15:30-17:00, September 6


Chen, Simon, Chien-Yuan

Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan


Chao, Tony

Executive Chairman, JLL, Taiwan

Widyahari, Ni Luh Asti

Valuer, KJPP MBPRU & Partners, Indonesia

Tien, Joanna

CEO, JGB Smart Property, Taiwan

3A – Carbon-Free Future: Leading the Way In New Taipei City
Room A, 9:00-10:30, September 7


Liou, Her-Ran

Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, Taiwan


Lin, Chien-yuan

Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Sun, Chen-Yi

Professor, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

Arie Wibowo

Ministry of Finance of Indonesia,

4A – Urban Planning and Management: Happy, Livable and Smart Taoyuan
Room A, 11:00-12:30, September 7


Chang, San-Cheng

Mayor of Taoyuan City, Taiwan


Lim, Lan Yuan

President, Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers, Singapore

Li, Chia-Nung

Professor, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Gross, Boyd

Registered Valuer, BAGR (Rural Val) DIP BUS STD, FNZIV, FPINZ,
New Zealand

5A – Mass Appraisal and Real Estate Tax Base Assessment
Room A, 13:30-15:30, September 7


Teng, Hsiao-Jung

Executive Vice President, Anfu Solutions, Taiwan


Mitrione, Gino

Director, Partners Property Advisory & Valuations, Australia

Fang, Charlene

DeKalb County Property Assessors, Georgia

Iijima, Takahiro

Chief specialist, Japan Real Estate Institute (JREI), Japan

Session Speakers Lineup

1B – Global Real Estate & Valuation I
Room B, 13:30-15:00, September 6

Testing the capitalization hypothesis using indicated values: A case study of Japan

Ebisu, Miwa, Makino Appraisal Office, Japan

The appraisal pattern based on real option valuation model: a case study of the appraisal of compensation for alteration in Taiwan

Chang, Mei-Ying, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Su, Yu-Te, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Experiential stores and attractive of department stores

Jung, Ki Youn, Jung-il appraisal & consulting company, South Korea

National land development value higher than appraisers’ make value?

Liu, Ting-Ju, Taipei City Government, Taiwan
You, Shih-Ming, Taipei City Government, Taiwan

1C – Valuation for Sustainable Development
Room C, 13:30-15:00, September 6

The Role of Real Estate Valuers in Achieving The SDGs-Value of Japanese Buildings

Osumi, Yasuko, Sanyu Appraisal Corporation Global Appraisal Division, Japan

The Future Between Real Estate Development and ESG

Lin, Erh, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Chu, Nan-Yu, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

Housing policy for indigenous community-A Comparative study of Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Chu, Nanyu, Feng Chia University
Cheung, Kaling, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Wu, Hao, The University of Melbourne, Australia

2B – Global Real Estate & Valuation II
Room B, 15:30 – 17:00, September 6

Estimating Payback Periods VIA Cash Flow Projections by Analyzing Annual Reports

Ikegame, Yoshie, Japan Real Estate Institute, Japan

The Importance of the Lease Extension Premium Calculation Formulae for A Landed Residential Property

Goh, Penny, Pei Nei, University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia
Siti Uzairiah Binti Mohd Tobi, University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia
Tuti Haryati Binti Jasimin, University of Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

A Review on the Real Estate Market and Infrastructure in Africa and Strategies for Technology Investment

An, Hyoju, East Busan Branch, Korea Real Estate Board, South Korea

Business Valuation and Synergy Value of Financial Institutions: A Case Study of the Taipei Fubon Merger

You, Shih-Ming, Taipei City Government, Taiwan
Tai, Kuo-Cheng, Taipei City Government, Taiwan

2C – Value of Green Property Features
Room C, 15:30-17:00, September 6

Research on the Premiums of Green Buildings in Unified Development Areas – An Empirical Analysis of Qiyan Taipei

Wang, Wei-Chih, Top Real Estate Appraiser Firm, Taiwan
Sun, Chen-Yi, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

What is The Value of Green Building Features? An Empirical Analysis of Green Building Development in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sidig, Danar Sutopo, Finance Profession Supervisory Center, Indonesia
Ratri, Citra Wulan, Finance Profession Supervisory Center, Indonesia
Arie Wibowo, Finance Profession Supervisory Center, Indonesia

Green Homes Related Korean Systems And Suggestion Of Appraisal Application In Korea

Kim, Jeongeon, Mirae & Saehan Appraisal Co. Ltd., South Korea

3B – Technology & Information Applications
Room B, 9:00-10:30, September 7

The appraisal patterns of privately-owned social housing projects based on real option valuation model

Shieh, Jeng-Ying, Feng Chia University, Taiwan
Su, Yu-Te, Feng Chia University, Taiwan

A Study on the Prediction of Housing Price through Deep Learning Based on the Establishment of Sentiment Lexicon Utilizing Clustering of Similar Regions and the Knowledge of Experts

Shin, Eun-Kyung, East Busan Branch, Korea Real Estate Board, South Korea

Identifying Factors That Shapes The Value Of Virtual Land In The Metaverse

Widyahari, Ni Luh Asti, KJPP MBPRU and Partners, Indonesia

The Residential Buildings of Hedonic Price Regression Analysis and Floor Utility Ratios in Kaohsiung City

Chou, Shih-Yuan, Euro-Asia Real Estate Appraisers Firm, Taiwan

4B – New Economy and Institution
Room B, 11:00-12:30, September 7

How does Taipei City House tax reassessment in line with IAAO?

You, Shih-Ming, Taipei City Government, Taiwan
Ni, Yung-Tsu, Taipei City Revenue Service, Taiwan

Promote of the sustainable property use by proactive involvement of professionals into inheritances -Case study of family office and property portfolio management in Japan

Tomizuka, Yuko, MRICS, Japan

Appraisal Legislative and Regulatory Update in the Philippines

Marissa Benitez, Philippine Association of Realty Appraisers, Philippine